Viewer Tells Meteorologist to Stop Showing Off Her Boobs


A viewer in Tennessee sent a local meteorologist a letter complaining her fashion choices fit too “snugly under [her] bust.”

In a letter Julya Johnson of WATE in Knoxville posted on Friday to her Facebook (later shared on Jim Romenesko’s site) a viewer crabbily complains that the meteorologist is wearing dresses that emphasize way to much boob for their tastes:

Hello Julia [sic], You are a great meterologist [sic]! I am at [sic] elderly person who depends on WATE 6 News for my daily news and weather – my daily beginnings – I watch this news from 2 a.m. – thru the day. I observed every one gets great compliments about their job, How they give great forecast [sic]. There are not any compliments about you! Why? Please change your appearance!! Those high Bodice dresses are Not (for) you. Do you Have any dress or dresses that don’t fit snugly under your (Bust)? Please! You are Beautiful – But you need a change. Please don’t feel like I’m putting you down. Allow me to apologize. This letter is meant for the beautiful lady you are. Go forward (Be happy!)

“Be happy!” Yes, be happy that I was completely demeaning about your role as a professional meteorologist and reduced it to little more than a fashion show that displeases me. Don’t feel like I’m “putting you down” with my obnoxious criticism of your personal appearance.OH PLEASE BE HAPPY.

“Do you Have any dress or dresses that don’t fit snugly under your (Bust)?”

I cannot even with this. Look, local television viewers. Women have these things called breasts. With very few exceptions, clothing that you put on them will shape and conform to previously said breasts. DEAL WITH IT, OK?

Johnson replied to this ridiculous letter in near-heroic fashion, via her Facebook page, emphasis mine:

So, it’s not fun to wake up to things like this. No return address was left, so I’ll address it here. I will never, ever be able to please everyone with my appearance. It’s not possible. I have tried for 12 years on-air to do that. I have “changed my appearance” to try to please people before. It never works. So, I please myself. I like my dresses. I feel good about my appearance. I am always covered, dressed modestly and professionally. Yet, she mentions that I am a great meteorologist! And she also says I get “no compliments”? Does the fact that I bring an accurate forecast mean nothing? I was a straight A student. If I had known being on People’s list of “best dressed” mattered more than an accurate forecast, I could’ve saved a ton of money on that meteorology degree.
Don’t do this, people. Just don’t. It’s very rude. That’s my opinion, and it is as valuable as anyone else’s opinion.

PREACH. SHUT IT DOWN, JULYA. I wish I had a trophy to give her that was big enough to fully express my love for the sheer awesomeness of this response. This is how you respond to trolls and all the other mindless, babbling haters that seem to have nothing better to do in the world than lob bullshit, meaningless complaints towards successful women. “WAAHHH I DON’T LIKE YOUR CLOTHES WAHHHH I SEE TOO MUCH BOOB WAAAAHH.” For crying out loud, shove it.

Hey, how about that — reading Johnson’s kickass reply really did make me “happy.” Thanks, anonymous, sexist television viewer!

Image via Julya Johnson Facebook.

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