Want to Watch Tom Hardy's New Taboo Trailer, in Which He's Inexplicably Not Nude?


Earlier this month, we told you about Tom Hardy’s upcoming TV mini-series Taboo, which is about revenge or something, but the important thing was he’s nude in it. Now, here’s the full trailer explaining the “non-nude” part of the show, also probably known as the plot.

In Taboo, Hardy plays James Keziah Delaney, heir to the East India Company, a massive 19th-century shipping business. He’s returning from Africa to reclaim his place in the company, though his late father’s partners thought he was dead and don’t want to hand him the reins.

According to Rolling Stone, Steven Knight, writer of Peaky Blinders (another great vintage British crime drama, guest-starring Hardy), created the show from a story Hardy and his father hatched. There’s a lot going on in this sneak peek, including hints at the shipping company’s hand in the trans-Atlantic slave trade (which Delaney doesn’t seem to be a fan of) and lots of menacing stares. We’re in when the eight-episode series airs on BBC and FX in 2017.

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