Watch Clinton Supporters Happily Endorse Trump's Tax Plan When They Think It's Hillary's 


You’d think most people would have watched enough late-night TV to automatically refuse to answer questions asked by people wielding microphones on the street. These very clueless Hillary Clinton supporters, however, didn’t utilize their self-preservation instinct and ended up accidentally endorsing Donald Trump’s new tax plans, all because Americans have no idea what’s going on in politics.

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to see exactly how many people would support Trump if they didn’t know he’d (maybe) had some good ideas, so he sent a reporter out to the street to share The Donald’s tax plans—cut the corporate tax, abolish estate tax, not tax anyone making under $25,000 a year—with the public. But he did it with a twist: First, he had someone ask a bunch of people how they felt about both Clinton and Trump, and then, once the subjects had happily agreed that they’d vote for Hillary over Donald, his team laid out Trump’s new plans as if they were Clinton’s, to some overwhelming support.

There are two great things going on in this video: First, the Spider-Man in the background trying to win over audiences any way he can and, second, the reactions of the people who’ve just realized they’ve been duped. Not only because they’re accidentally supporting Trump, but because they’re realizing for the first time that they’d endorse anything a candidate suggested, as long as it was their candidate of choice.

“I support Donald Trump then,” says a man matter-of-factly, owning the fact that he’s been played. “Oh god, I hate him!” laughs an embarrassed woman. Perhaps it’s just a pipe dream, but maybe this experience will inspire more people (in the video and in the audience) to be more educated about politics? Especially given the looming possibility of an actual Donald Trump presidency.

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