Watch Farrah Abraham Address Her Bonkers Lip Surgery on Botched


Farrah Abraham appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Botched to seek help for her severely swollen lips after a failed surgery.

In the clip above, the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom star, who’s undergone several plastic surgery procedures, first explains that being a public figure means her appearance is crucial to her career. “Because of being on TV and social media, my job is to look my best for others,” she says.

Farrah, attention lover, then consults with Dr. Dubrow about her botched lip implant surgery. Before her previous doctor started the procedure, she says he injected her with a numbing medicine that caused a severe allergic reaction.

“He kept injecting whatever he was injecting me with,” says Farrah, who famously posted the lip photos on social media as a cautionary tale.

During their consultation, Dubrow of course keeps it real with Farrah about what could’ve happened, telling her, “Swelling could’ve gone into your tongue, the back of your throat, cut off your airway and basically choked you to death.” Fun.

At this point, Farrah is still adamant about getting the implants in the future. “I honestly am not gonna be happy with my lip when it goes all the way flat again,” she says.

Dr. Dubrow wisely cautions, “Don’t rush back into doing this right away.”

Later in the episode—after Dubrow prescribes her meds for the swelling—Farrah visits both him and Dr. Paul Nassif to talk about next steps.

Dubrow says there’s a chance she could have another allergic reaction. He asks Farrah if she’ll get more filler. Watch her answer below.

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