Watch Hollywood Tell You–Yes, You!–to Help With the War Effort

In Depth

The United States government has produced plenty of wartime propaganda, but they’ve had help! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (you know, the guys who give out the Oscars) owns a particularly large collection of short films in support of America’s martial undertakings, dubbed the Academy War Film Collection.

It’s a nice memory of a time when our government and Hollywood worked hand-in-hand for the good of mom and pop and apple pie and the American way. For instance, take the video at the top, meant to let women know that the Women’s Army Corps was a fantastic place for everyone from the “idle housewife” to “the girl next door” to take their talents.

Then we have an actual movie made by several Hollywood stars. “Even after we clean up after the Nazis, we still have the Japanese, who are holding all this territory here,” says Eddie Bracken while pointing to the map. Spoiler alert: It worked!

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