Watch Mika Brzezinski 'Schoolmarm' Joe Scarborough About Flight 370


As part of the battle for ratings dominance via coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe spoke with some experts about the plane Monday morning. (Here “spoke with some experts” = postulated wildly about nothing at all and then yelled at each other. It was a normal day.)

Though their coverage of the missing flight was largely incomprehensible, Brzezinski wanted to make it clear that MSNBC would be differentiating themselves from “other networks” in that they would only be reporting the facts. She looked increasingly peeved during the second of three different segments about this topic as her co-host Joe Scarborough and others used many non-facts to fill their time on air.

On Twitter, Scarborough has spent the day arguing that he was making fun of himself, not Mika, when he told her to “calm down.” For her part, Brzezinski has acknowledged that she needs Joe to “soften her edge” and that she thought the whole thing was funny. (Interestingly, the clip as it lives on MSNBC cuts off before Brzezinski says, “Just stop, we’ve got to got Ukraine” and as Scarborough is finishing comparing himself to James Brown.)

Is Morning Joe pulling one over on everyone (liberals included) by poking fun at the archetype of the chastising woman whose job it is to keep all the men around her in line? If they are, everyone’s missing the never-ending joke. The show’s newest fancy promo has Mika yet again rushing to get to work, almost running over a construction worker in the process, as her coworkers dodge her calls. “I tried to call you,” she says to Scarborough once they all make it to the office. “Yeah, I dropped my phone,” he replies.

Perhaps a larger problem with the show outside of the sexist dynamic between Brzezinski and Scarborough is how totally nonsensical the actual content is. These people need more sleep.

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