Watch Shepard Smith Try to Describe Anthony Weiner's Latest Dick Pic


On Tuesday afternoon, while introducing a segment with Arthur Aidala, a man who apparently “knows” Anthony Weiner, Fox News host Shepard Smith attempted to explain the what exactly Weiner’s penis looked like to those who were watching Fox and not furiously googling.

Of the site The Dirty, Smith said:

“…Anthony Weiner penis pictures and timeline. And they have a picture there and it’s him standing up and you see his feet down there on the ground, it’s like he’s doing like this [mimes holding a camera from above] and it’s all blurry but the part that would take you to that site if you don’t see it, it’s blurry but i’m sure you can move on and find more of those pictures of the man who is in some polls, leading the mayoral race.”

What a visual. I can really picture his veiny member now.

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