We can dye hair with real gold nanoparticles


If we can bedazzle body parts and attach precious stones to our nails, isn’t it time we look for a way to appropriately deck our hair with reprehensible displays of wealth? Science to the rescue! You can now turn your hair brown, with real gold.

Although I’m sure he retains a few shreds of parental love for me, my father has never gotten over the fact that I did not inherit my mother’s red hair. He makes wistful remarks to this day, but I’ve never found an appropriate counter-argument. Until today, that is. It appears that scientist have found a way to use gold nanoparticles to dye hair brown. My hair could soon be the ultimate status symbol.

Scientist have figured out how to put gold nanoparticles inside human hair. It takes quite a lot of them. A human hair is about sixty thousands gold nanoparticles across. Then again, didn’t L’Oréal’s famous slogan advise us to pretty ourselves up, “Because you’re worth it.” With gold growing in your hair, you’d better be.

The process involves taking white hair and dunking them inside a solution with fluorescent gold particles in it. At first the individual hairs turned pale yellow, forming what I’m sure would be a lovely blonde. As more gold nanoparticles formed inside the hair, they darkened to a deep brown. Clearly brunettes, in the future, will be showing off that they could afford the most gold in their hair. Our time has finally come!

Image and Info via ACS.

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