Wendy Williams Returns From Five-Week Hiatus With Extensive, Tear-Filled Report on Her Life


The self-perpetuating machine that is Wendy Williams returned to the purple chair of her talk show Monday morning after a five-week hiatus. Tears started streaming down her face virtually from the moment that she entered The Wendy Williams Show stage. Shortly thereafter she announced, “Let’s get started—I’m the Hot Topic!”

What followed was about 40 minutes (including commercials) of Williams dishing about herself during the top-of-the-show segment devoted to celebrity gossip. It was a long and winding road through the past few weeks of her life that included an almost 10-minute account of her “pretty plant-based” lunch (including “plant-based rice”) with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner, whom she assured the audience she will continue to gossip about on her show despite their newfound familiarity (“The difference between now and five weeks ago is now I can call [them] up for accuracy”); further adventures with Black Chyna (“Angela is a lovely woman”); an attempt by Jackée Harry to set Williams up with a man (Williams refused to entertain a long-distance lover); a ride on Pepsi’s float in this year’s New York City Pride Parade; getting stuck on a plane with Media Take Out proprietor Fred Mwangaguhunga; and an apology to Dr. Oz, whose meal invite she couldn’t seem to make time for despite having five weeks off.

Whew, it was a lot. A lotta tangents, a lotta tears. On the meatier side of things, Williams denied romantic involvement with 27-year-old Marc Tomblin, with whom she was photographed in June (“Mother doesn’t deal with children”). However, she did announce that she’s not on the market anymore. In the trademark loquacious terseness with which she discusses herself on her show (a lot of words, not a lot of clear detail), she said she’s not in love with but is “crazy about” a guy who’s in his 50’s and has children in their 20’s. She also let it slip that he’s a doctor. “And yes, he’s black. I know you’re wondering,” she added.

She also took to task the tabloid Globe for its recent cover story on her divorce, which she labeled inaccurate without much explanation. She did say, though, that, “My family is doing fine, and I am doing fine.”

Wendy didn’t even get through her entire mid-summer vacation report (more like Midsommar in terms of its running time, am I right???) so she promised more tomorrow. Of course she did.

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