We’re Just Slapping ‘Core’ on Any Ol’ Style Trend Now, I Guess

With the rise of "regencycore," it seems that everyone's lost the plot when it comes to describe a particular aesthetic.

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Photo: Getty Images

If it’s a day that ends in “Y”, you’re probably encountering a new kind of “core” aesthetic. Simply attaching “core” to the end of a noun has become an easy way to encapsulate a whole fashion trend, vibe, TikTok persona, or brand identity (or even rising sign, without having to break out a natal chart). It’s basically an extension of the mood boards done we made with glue sticks and old magazines at slumber parties when we were 12.

As a woman whose aesthetic vision pretty much only involves wearing red lipstick, I’m fascinated by the rise of the “core”—normcore, cottagecore, fetishcore, now regencycore??—complete with visuals, media, fashion, and even music inspirations. So, before “core” goes completely the way of the political scandal ending “gate,” let’s take a walk down corememory lane.

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