What If Tequila Is Feminist, Though?


It’s almost International Women’s Day, and I have something to say: Give thanks to women while you’re drinking tequila, because women—who else!—are the ones working in the fields and in the distilleries to bring it to your table.

According to reports, they are out here, working when the men don’t want to anymore:

No one knows exactly when women became an integral part of growing agave, but it’s believed that when the male farmers ate their lunch and rested under parota trees, their wives stepped in to lend a hand. The women, who it turned out were exceptionally skilled at sorting and taking care of the young plants, began working in the fields sometime in the 16th century.

Tequila is the best alcohol, in terms of both flavor (vodka tastes like nail polish remover and gin makes me wanna barf) and my ability to imbibe two to three drinks of it without feeling hungover the next morning. To find out tequila, perfect in every way, was made women, who are basically perfect, is a gift, and one I’m now sharing with you.

Some conservatives believe that feminism is, simply, about supporting women in whatever choices they make; my choice is to exclusively order tequila sodas when I’m at the bar, because every other drink is gross. (I’m sorry. Negronis, gross. Whiskey ginger, ew. Gin and tonic, I thought I already went over gin.) I’m just out here trying to support the women of Jalisco and also myself, who is embarking on a journey towards having a good time. You should try it sometime. It’s nice.

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