What the Hell Is Going on With Lena Dunham's Pets?


Earlier this summer, Lena Dunham’s Sphynx cat, Gia Marie, died suddenly. Now, she has lost yet another pet—Bowie, a 13-year-old Yorkie. Dunham announced Bowie’s death on Instagram:

Bowie lived with Dunham’s friend Scotty Goldbeck for most of her life, and has only been in Dunham’s care for the last three months. The average lifespan of a Yorkie is 13 to 16 years, so, as Dunham pointed out on Twitter, in this case time was not in her favor:

Still, I am starting to find Dunham’s bad luck with pets a tad concerning. Dunham only had Gia Marie for nine months before her sudden demise. Tragedies do happen! But then, there’s the infamous tale of Lamby, the shelter dog Dunham couldn’t stop talking about on Instagram, then ultimately banished forever to doggie behavior rehab, to the original shelter’s much-documented horror. (Her dog trainer defended Lamby’s rehoming, but who knows what to believe!)

On the one hand, I commend Dunham for continuing to open up to pets after repeated heartbreak, as it took one dead succulent for me to swear off plants forever. On the other hand, she still has several other pets at home, and I’m starting to worry she lives atop cursed land. Do we need to call in Jon Stewart, Patron Saint of doomed animals? Please advise.

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