What We Actually Want to Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2

It's a billionaire's world and we're just trying to buy some fancy knives and discounted Crest White Strips in it.

Prime DayPrime Day 2023
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Wüsthof Gourmet 6-Piece Knife Block Set
Screenshot: Amazon

There is nothing worse in the kitchen than trying to chop vegetables with a shitty, $20 knife, and today you can make sure that never happens to you again. I am the proud owner of two Wüsthof knives and am here to promise you that they kick ass. Yes, they’re on the expensive side, but three knives, a knife sharpener, kitchen sheers, and a chic-yet-space-saving kitchen-top woodblock is an incredible deal for $115 (41% off its list price). And if you cook a lot (or have a bit more cash to part with), the 16-piece set is going for $295 (and is also 40% off).

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