Woman Mimics Self-Serious Male Writers With Cigarettes, Men Look Dumb


Remember all of those feminist engagement photos, where the groom is being carried instead of the bride? Well, photographer Szilvia Molnar’s series The Man, The Writer, and His Cigarette tackles the same gender reversal idea except with images of cool male authors with cigarettes. Let’s all imagine if the Malboro man was a woman! Heh, or not.

Over on her Twitter, Molnar posted her takes on famous writer poses and frankly, her imitations make the men look silly, which also works to highlight gender nuance. She told Flavorwire:

“I think the spark came from seeing how the McNally Jackson event with Knausgaard and Zadie Smith was promoted (by his publisher). The pictures they used were just so different from each other — Knausgaard is brooding with his cigarette and Zadie is kind of sensual with an inviting directness. It’s interesting that there’s such a disparity when they’re equally brilliant and respected authors.”

Check out her images below.

Image via Tumblr.

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