Women Are Posting Videos of Themselves Partying in Support of Finland PM Sanna Marin

The 36-year-old prime minister just submitted to a drug test after conservatives made a scandal of her dancing with her friends.

Women Are Posting Videos of Themselves Partying in Support of Finland PM Sanna Marin
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Partygate continues in Finland this week after the nation’s very cool Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, took a drug test on Friday to quell concerns that she’s unfit for office, following a leaked video of her dancing with her friends. Now women are tagging the 36-year-old head of state in videos of themselves partying to a show solidarity with her amid this absolutely stupid political scandal.

To back up a bit: Below is the video that sparked outrage over Marin’s “partying” this week. As Finnish political commentator Janne Korkohen explained in a long Twitter thread, “A known neo-nazi and the Finnish equivalent of 4chan anonymous message board began to speculate that the participants in the video were on drugs. Their evidence: they thought someone on the video talked about ‘flour gang’, which these trolls interpreted to mean drugs.”

Korkohen added: “It is worth noting that police officers, crime reporters with 20+ years of experience, and researchers who have actually studied Finnish drug culture all say that the word for ‘flour’ (jauho) isn’t used to refer to drugs. Also, the audio quality is very poor.”

Nevertheless, right-wing personalities amplified the controversy of a powerful woman enjoying her life, and it all became such a thing that Marin announced on Friday that she had submitted to an actual drug test to quell everyone’s concern. “I consider these accusations to be very serious, and, though I consider the demand for a drug test unjust, for my own legal protection and to clear up any doubts, I have taken a drug test today, the results of which will come in about a week,” she told reporters on Friday.

As Jezebel editor Nora Biette-Timmons noted this week, Marin has a very solid record as prime minister and has implemented some very good policies, and whatever partying she does in her personal life does not appear to be affecting the people of Finland in any substantive way. The most likely problem here is that a bunch of misogynist incels are upset that a relatively young woman is, A) a head of state, B) having more fun than them, and C) looks like this:

Props to the women of Finland for standing up for their music-loving PM, and I respectfully recommend that everyone else get a fucking life.

Correction: Our original headline suggested that Finnish women were posting their dance videos in support of Marin. The women posting videos are actually Danish—though still in solidarity with Finland’s PM. We regret the error!

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