World's First Anti-Wrinkle Pill Proven To Make You Look (Sort Of) Younger


Soon instead of just rubbing yourself down with various creams in a futile attempt to get rid of wrinkles, you can start popping lots of pills. Unilever is releasing a capsule that combats wrinkling in deep layers of skin, and scientific testing shows that the drug may reduce the appearance of lines ever so slightly!

The pills use “blends of natural food extracts” —specifically isoflavones from soya, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, and lycopene — to trigger estrogen receptors that stimulate the production of collagen. According to New Scientist, Unilever commissioned four separate studies on the pills that involved 480 post-menopausal women in Britain, France, and Germany. The research found that after subjects took the pills just three times a day for 14 weeks, on average, their “crow’s feet” became 10% shallower! Some women even experienced 30% shallower wrinkling.

Next month the company will release the product in 44 spas it co-owns in Europe and Canada. The pills won’t be tested by any regulatory agency in these countries because the ingredients have already been approved and the company isn’t claiming that the pills make you healthier. Researchers say that women should probably take three capsules a day for at least three months to see the (nearly imperceptible) results. Of course, you can stop taking the pills at any time, but the researchers warn that your wrinkles will come back and look even deeper than they did before.

First Anti-Wrinkle Pill Shows Signs Of Success [New Scientist]

Image via Andrew Bassett/Shutterstock.

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