Y/N: Fifth Harmony Should've Left This Mariah Song Alone


N: Fifth Harmony flipped Mariah’s classic “Always Be My Baby” for their song “Like Mariah,” which has a slight island-y vibe. Honestly, it’ll probably make you bop. But I don’t want a “Don’t Tell ‘Em” version of “Always Be My Baby.” I’m okay with not hearing this again. I like these girls and they did her justice with their version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Let’s leave the rest of Mariah’s catalogue alone. [That Grape Juice]

Y: Jillian’s hair is the third member of Lion Babe. It’s surely the focal point of this black-and-white, wind machine-assisted video for “Treat Me Like Fire,” which features her doing a lot of slow-motion twirls and hair flips. [Miss Info]

N: This is R. Kelly trying to do Rae Sremmurd, please stop. Both the AutoTune-abusive song and the video are terrible. The video has a scene where R. Kelly surveys his surroundings and wonders what happened last night. Some woman tells him, “You know what happened. You recorded it.” Why. why. [The Life Files]

Y: A true test of my attention span, this one-shot video by Arcade Fire’s Will Butler for “Anna” forces you to sit and see what happens next, which is mostly nothing. I kept expecting a bear to creep up and attack him. Nonetheless, it’s subtly funky. [Stereogum]

Y: I know this Jodeci song is nowhere near peak Jodeci, but I’m surprised it’s not a complete fail. It’s a Jodeci song that sounds like Jodeci, silky melodies and all. [Miss Info]

Y: I once listened to “Rather Be” 30 times in a row in the shower, which should tell you everything. Jess Glynne’s more poppy “Hold My Hand” is another one of those records that makes you want to flail mindlessly. [Spin]

Y: Elle Varner wants a chick to know she’s not out to steal her man: “Now I am not a psychic/ But he’s prob’ly with some side chick.” Varner is great at these type of situational relationship anthems and the concept reminds of Toni Braxton’s creeper warning song “Midnite.” [Necole Bitchie]

N: I have a secret love affair with Kid Ink, and Def Loaf continues to lace every track with her super smooth vocals, including this one, “Be Real.” However, I think it’s fair to put DJ Mustard songs on the running list of potential torture songs. It’s just one long, offensive bass line. [Miss Info]

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