You Did It to Yourselves: An Emoji Movie Is Happening


An emoji movie is in the works, just as Satan decreed. 😐 ;-/ :-] 😎 :0)

There was reportedly a bidding war between Warner Bros, Sony and Paramount during which they all just messaged emojis back and forth to each other. Sony Pictures Animation won and we’re getting a movie about emojis. Are you :D?

According to Deadline:

:*) :)~ =)


This appears to be a zeitgeist moment for these ideograms that hatched in Japan and have spread worldwide. Unlike like, say Lego, there are also no underlying rights here to purchase, which makes this as much a catnip idea to Hollywood as public domain fairy tales that fuel so many blockbusters. I’ve heard that another pitch is going to be shopped shortly, so there might be reason for Sony Animation to move quickly.

In all seriousness, this will be great as long as Emma Stone stars in it.

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