You Feel Cold But Damn, Girl — You Look Hot


It may be freezing in much of the country—and we all may look like walking duvets—but that’s all the more reason to focus on what makes you feel pretty like a spring daisy. Or a hothouse orchid.

The latest Lucky has a whole story on dressing sexy: they have “bombshell” clothes and “sex kitten” clothes and blah blah — sure, it can be a lot of fun. But for me, this has very little to do any old-school notions of looking sexy. It’s about feeling sexy. Sure, the clothes might be cool, but it doesn’t matter unless they have that special, elusive magic for you. What I’m talking about here are those items that, for whatever reason, make you feel great. Maybe they have good associations. Maybe they make you look extra-hot. Whatever: you feel good in it and that’s what makes the difference.

Actually, “sexy” is too limiting a word, because some of the strongest examples of this come from childhood: a kid will just love something, and want to wear it all the time, and I’m kind of talking about the adult version of that. I remember being absolutely obsessed with this one dress when I was about 6: it was red and blue and kind of geometric and, I suspect, objectively ugly. But I felt divine in it: the most elegant, regal lady in the world. And we don’t lose this as we age.

I’ve had a few magic items over the years — a blue cashmere sweater dress; a certain long-sleeved tee shirt; a favorite pair of heels — but I wore them until they died, and at the moment I’m between magic items. Sure, I have stuff I like, things that look fine, but nothing has the special magic to inspire confidence, nothing has the automatic-reach quality of a sexy standby.

I asked a number of people about theirs and got wildly varying answers.


For me it’s this pair of jeans — just thrift-store Levi’s — that if I do say so myself make my ass look amazing. They’re totally my strut jeans.


There’s this one tee-shirt, really old and soft. I borrowed it from my girlfriend the first time I ever stayed over there and I still wear it all the time. The good associations are so strong that it always makes me feel happy and smiley.


Okay, this sounds kind of trashy, but mine is a corset. From Forever21. But seriously, it’s really awesome! It’s just like this black top that looks amazing with everything, and is like my secret weapon. The Corset comes on every important date. And even a few job interviews. It never fails. Unfortunately, it’s starting to fall apart.


I have this hat. It’s like this vintage beret and it makes me feel like a sexy Faye Dunaway character who can do anything (minus the whole bank-robber thing.) I wear it all the time, so I guess it’s kind of my trademark?

Now, I want to know yours. What’s your secret weapon, and why? (Not that you need a logical reason.) Send a picture if you’ve got one. Then we’ll compile a list, in the interests of science and magic.

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