You won't be told, will you?


Sometimes we feel we have to save you from yourselves.

And sometimes, we’ll give you enough rope and watch with demented glee as you hang yourselves.

We’re kind of leaning to the demented glee angle, with this one.

Now, we’re not saying that you should ever wear Emilio Pucci purple stretch hotpants such as these:

In fact, we very much hope that you would have the sense to jab forks in your eyes rather than sport purple stretch hotpants, as the only people they will ever look good on are about 2lbs away from becoming the next dead anorexic model.

However, if you absolutely MUST, we would rather that you didn’t cough up the full $285, when you can get them over at for just $85.

There. We now officially wash our hands of you.

[don’t click here!]

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