Your Guide to the Probable Jenner Fetus


Another Kardashian-Jenner clan member is conceived (allegedly), according to the whole entire internet. TMZ broke the news yesterday that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott’s child, and today, CNN has backed up the news from two sources.

The due date is (allegedly) in February, meaning that the alleged Jenner is not a sperm, not yet a human; at four months according to WebMD, the likely Jenner has fingers and toes, and it has well-defined brows and eyelashes. Of course it would.

So in rolls the explosive response news.

Kris Jenner has spoken: “You never know what is going to break at any moment,” she said to People. Yes.

The Sun dug up some old footage of Kylie claiming at age 15 that she would like to have babies ASAP. US Magazine dug up some footage of Kylie saying that 25 was her deadline. Caitlyn claimed to be aiming for 30 grandkids, so both are approaching their goals. Proof.

The family is very concerned, according to People. The family is also “over the moon”! according to US Weekly. Sure.

This is the last thing she posted on Instagram. Weird.

TYGA CLAIMS IT’S HIS according to The Sun, which appears to have caught a now-deleted Snapchat post in which he said “Hell nah that’s my kid.” (They broke up in March, according to Hollywood Life (“EXCLUSIVELY”)), which means they would have had to have banged in June which is right around the time Kyle and Travis stepped out with matching tattoos HOLY SHIT.

This. family. will. never. go. away.

UPDATE 4:24PM EST: Lena Dunham has tweeted that Kylie is triggering the “fertility industrial complex” in us all, as our broke-ass over-the-hill wombs shrivel up and die.

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