10 Best Moments Of The Tyra Show


Sadly, this week is the last for Tyra. After five seasons, she leaves behind a legacy of hair weaves, fathers who bikini wax daughters, interviews with presidential candidates, and general buffoonery. Here, we compile our 10 favorite moments.

10.) Tyra Moves to New York City
The first two seasons of the show were filmed in L.A., but for the third, Tyra packed her bags, y’all and moved to the Big Apple. To mark such a momentous transition, she filmed this green-screen segment of her trip across America.

9.) The Vaginas Show
Even if some of the Jezebel staff hadn’t been in the studio audience for this particular episode, it still would’ve made this list, if only for the vagina puppet that was used as an educational tool for women who believe that they pee out of the same hole from which they get their periods.

8.) Father Who Waxes His Daughter’s Bikini Area
Usually, when watching Tyra, it’s the host who made us wince. Not this time. A father who waxes his 18-year-old daughter’s vagina managed to outdo even Tyra in making us feel incredibly uncomfortable.

7.) Dance Intro
To kick off her fifth season, Tyra filmed herself dancing with a group of women in Union Square. For some reason, at the end of the number, their clothes all fell off to reveal nude suits, which, for some reason, were pixelated.

6.) When Tyra Pretended to Have Rabies
We still don’t understand why this happened, or what, exactly, is going on. What we do know is that we’d be pissed if we were the girl in the studio audience on whom Tyra left a drool stain.

5.) Tyra’s Real Hair
After schooling America about the difference between wigs, weaves, extensions, and tracks, Tyra unveiled her real hair.

4.) Old Ladies
Quite possibly one of the most entertaining hours in the history of her show, Tyra had a 103-year-old woman and a 105-year-old woman on as guests, one of whom was dazzled by her weave, and couldn’t resist the urge to tug at it.

3.) Kiss My Fat Ass!
After she gained a few pounds and was mocked by certain gross gossip bloggers, Tyra got really pissed off, and filmed one of her most memorable episodes ever. Standing in a swimsuit (and heels) next to a cardboard cutout of herself, she attempted to prove that certain angles can make you look fatter than you are, while also trying to give a motivational speech about how it’s OK to be any size. The messages sort of conflicted, but her stance on body image acceptance was admirable. Two seasons later, she dropped 30 pounds.

2.) The Time She Flipped Over Backwards on Her Couch
It’s obvious that this clip is from the early days of her show, when she didn’t really know what she was doing—featuring Hilary Duff and wild animals in the same segment—she also didn’t know the limits of her furniture.

1.) Election Coverage
During the 2007-2008 season, Tyra managed to get four of the presidential primary candidates to appear on her show (Mike Huckabee, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama). The best is that she continually badgered President Obama about allowing her to sleep over at the White House, should he be elected, and he refused to say yes.

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