10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Tyra interviews a man who breastfeeds, “period” gets bleeped from TV, and Spencer Pratt is the definition of a nightmare in-law.

1.) Breastfeeding man on Tyra
A man who breastfeeds his child—by stimulating his milk with a pump—was on Tyra, where she mocked him, even though he admitted that part of his motivation for what his is doing is to put gender roles into question.

2.) Worst son-in-law in the world
This week on The Hills, Spencer Pratt repeatedly insulted his mother-in-law (in front of her two daughters) by saying that she is “just a vagina.”

3.) You can’t say “period” on TV?
I mean, come on!

4.) Dr. Joycelyn Elders is still promoting sexy-type stuff
Since I was very young when the former Surgeon General caused so much controversy when she advocated that children be taught how to masturbate, I didn’t really grasp how fucking awesome she is until recently. I’m glad she’s still promoting sexual health.

5.) Disabled man charged with sexual harassment
So this guy has CP, and Fox’s slant on his story was basically, “How could he possibly have sexually harassed a woman, when he’s disabled!?” He’s a fucking lawyer. And prior to his grab-assing, he was sending the alleged victim a series of annoying personal emails. Also, he’s totally lying about not being able to grab things with his hand, because during the interview portion when his aide is speaking for him, he’s grasping and releasing his wheel the entire time.

6.) It’s not plaid!
This shirt is not plaid! It’s checkered. Or maybe gingham. Also, it’s kind of an awesome, early ’90s Cross Colours throwback. I vote yes on it.

7.) “Twimoms”
This week, Oprah spent an hour talking about the Twilight phenomenon, and had Ali Wentworth investigate mothers who are more into the saga than their children. What I find weirder than the fact that the scenes from a teen movie obviously serve as soft-core porn for these women is the fact that they admit that they never read until these books were released.

8.) Earrings
The women on Basketball Wives seem to have a prerequisite that their earrings reach touch their shoulders, if not their clavicles.

9.) Wendy Williams is a magician
Enough said.

10.) Broadway is next for the Countess!
She wants to be in Gypsy. And then she sang a song that is not from Gypsy.

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