10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Whoopi Goldberg demonstrates how not to poop-and-text, Josh Groban appears on The Office as Andy’s brother, Survivor has a nasty meat challenge, and Tamera Mowry enjoys her sister breast milk. Tasty!

1.) Tamera Mowry drinks her sister Tia’s breast milk.
What have the stars of Sister, Sister been up to lately? Apparently this — all filmed for their new reality series. If this clip is any indication, perhaps we should be tuning in more often. Or not.

2.) Whoopi’s Poop Face.
Truly one of those moments where one should really think before they speak. Or in this case, think before Whoopi speaks and then acts out the face she makes when she’s doing #2. Try getting that vivid image out of your head now!

3.) Megan Mullally as Casey Wilson’s Mother.
I’m not sure how I could love this any more — oh wait, yes I can: the duet to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” aka my soundtrack to the seventh grade.

4.) Robin dates her therapist on How I Met Your Mother.
Not weird at all, right? Well, I guess when it’s Kal Penn in a pretty darn cute storyline, we can make an exception.

5.) Meeting Andy Bernard’s family.
Ah, so it all makes sense: of course Stephen Collins and Josh Groban are related to the Nard Dog, and such beautiful music they make together!

6.) Will Arnett and Conan O’Brien refuse to play nice.
Arnett refuses to take home the Team CoCo mug and then insults Conan’s red hair: “One of my sons is a ginger. I know, I keep it under wraps.”

7.) Joe Jonas and Wendy Williams read scenes from Jersey Shore.
Honestly, they both pretty much nail the impressions of The Situation and Snooki. Daytime Emmys for all involved!

8.) Zooey Deschanel’s dog, Snooki.
Zooey’s dog was unfortunately named Snooki years and years before the MTV iteration.

9.) Survivor‘s meaty challenge.
Let’s just all agree that CBS has really outdone themselves with this challenge that involves people violently biting meat off of the animal with their own mouths and move on.

10.) Hosts of The Talk air their “Baggage” aloud.
So now we know: Sharon Osbourne likes to be spanked, Sara Gilbert is a cry baby, and Carnie Wilson has a beard. This is kind of brilliant — Jerry Springer should really consider making Baggage: Celebrity Edition.

Bonus: Cher appears on Dancing With The Stars.
A rare Cher appeared in the wild er, DWTS audience earlier this week to cheer on her son Chaz.

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