17 Last-Minute Gifts Because It’s Somehow Almost Christmas

Couldn't get your shit together? We've picked out some gifts from four places that will be delivered by Christmas. Good luck!

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Photo: Photo by RDNE Stock project (Other)

Well look at you, you did it again. Even though the holiday season was technically one week longer this year (November 23 was early for Thanksgiving), you still managed to save all your Christmas shopping until the last minute. Same! I live for that sweet rush of adrenaline and the threatening cloud of failure hovering centimeters above my head, right before I barely make a deadline.

So I’m here to help you, my dawdling comrade-in-arms. Here you’ll find a slideshow of gifts ranging from $20 to $100, and all from places that will deliver by Christmas, long as you pay attention to their individual shipping deadlines: Williams Sonoma (Tuesday), Lululemon (Wednesday), Anthropologie (TK), Best Buy (December 23!), and Amazon (December 23). There’s probably even one or two gifts you might wanna get for yourself, because you’re about to put in a lot of effort. Good luck!

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