2010 Emmys: Live Coverage


If Lost—and specifically Terry O’Quinn—doesn’t win an award this year, then there will be a lot of geeks justifiably angry. Here’s a drinking game: Every time host Jimmy Fallon does an impersonation, take a shot.

And if he impersonates Mick Jagger, finish the bottle.

8:00 I only ever watched one episode of Glee. This nerdy white guy was rapping to a Kanye song I think. It wasn’t for me. So I’m not really in on this whole joke. Although I do like Jon Hamm dancing with Betty White. And I love the Boss.

8:03 This is pretty gay, huh?

8:05 Hurley has a good voice!

8:06 Kris Kardashian has an awfully good seat for this. What’s the deal? Is Keeping Up with the Kardashians nominated for something? Is it possible that someone thinks that show represents “excellence” in television.

8:09 I’m realizing, watching this montage, that out of the hours and hours a day I spend watching television, very little of it is scripted. It’s like almost exclusively reality television.

8:12 Eric Stonestreet couldn’t bother to get a tie?

8:18 I have a confession: It’s kind of killing me that I’m not watching Big Brother right now. I follow the live feeds, so I sorta know what’s going on, but I’m really looking forward to finding out the noms.

8:20 Are all the guys on The Big Bang Theory gay? This guy is like Church Lady gay.

8:25 Even though I’m not into Glee, I’m really into Jane Lynch.

8:32 So, is it just the lighting on this show, or do most of these people have fake tans? BTW, the writing on this show is godawful.

8:39 Can’t Steve Carell ever get any Emmy love? Even Kevin Bacon pities him.

8:45 Did Tina Fey just say “Asshole number 3”? Gif to come.

8:47 Loving that Danielle Staub made it into this reality montage.

8:49 Who’s this hot ticket?

8:50 Yikes! One of those Top Chef girls almost ate it. No pun intended.

8:57 Tina Fey: Asshole #3

9:00 Seeing Lost clips still makes me feel emotional.

9:04 That little shit from Breaking Bad won!?!?!? No frickin’ way. Peppering sentences with “Yo” doesn’t hold a candle to what Terry O’Quinn or Michael Emerson did on Lost.

BTW: How is Matthew Weiner not gay? He and Peter Sarsgaard both confuse me.

9:11 It’s really hard to tell when jokes are told on this show. That’s how unfunny they are.

9:12 Ha! That lady who just won Supporting Actress for a Drama just said, “This is amazing for my career.” At least she’s honest.

9:23 Lost is really getting shut out. Why doesn’t it get the respect it deserves.

9:24 Oh lord. Take a shot. Jimmy is doing Elton.

9:25 Take another shot.

9:26 Take another shot.

9:32 It took me about four commercial breaks to figure out that the Tweets aren’t real and are (supposed to be) jokes. It’s so unfunny it’s kind of almost funny.

9:40 Jeff Probst really looks up to Joel McHale.

9:45 Wait, the Tweets thing is real? What’s going on?

9:50 Ricky Gervais must’ve written his own jokes, because the things he’s saying are actually funny stuff. Bucky Gunts. Heh.

9:51 And his son’s name is B.J.!? B.J. Gunts.

9:52 I officially declare this the most boring awards show in the entire world.

10:02 Ricky presenting.

10:10 I never would’ve described Temple Grandin as “A chick flick with bulls’ balls” but I guess it kinda was.

10:16 Someone get the hook out and yank David Stratharin off the stage.

10:18 I love that Temple Grandin stood up not once but twice.

10:29 Temple just stood for a third time.

10:38 Temple Grandin is officially the star of this show.

10:40 Al Pacino is a batshit loonball. He still is talking with his Kevorkian accent. He’s so actor-y.

10:48 “Yeah, I know what you sick fucks are thinking about right now.”

10:52 “Feels like a hug!”

10:56 Lost was robbed!

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