23 Last-Minute Topical Halloween Costumes for 2023 That Aren’t Barbie

In a year littered with neon spandex and bright pink bell bottoms, stick with something a bit more clever (and easy).

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Photo: Getty Images/A24/Instagram

Halloween is next Tuesday, which is an unfortunate day for any holiday—though it blessedly clearly indicates which weekend we’re supposed to celebrate on. (This upcoming one.) However, that is fast approaching, so if you want to go all out, you need to get on it stat. That being said... Do you really want to go all out? In this economy? During these times?? When everyone else will just be doing a take on Barbie or Taylor and Travis?

I say, save your brain waves and leave the Heidi Klum-level costumes to the rich. A good Halloween costume is clever, but a great Halloween costume is clever and easy. We’ve pored through every single second of the year so far to select 23 moments in politics and culture for you to dress up as—they’ll make you chuckle, but importantly, will require minimal investment. Your friends will laugh, your enemies will feel stupid in their Barbie-pink cowboy hats and bell bottoms, and you will be rich (in admiration and dollars saved). Happy haunting.

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