25 Penises And Testicles Mysteriously Disappear From Medieval Fresco


A group of Italian restorers have been accused of essentially ruining a classic work of art called the Tree of Fertility by getting rid of a tree “festooned with penises and testicles over a group of nine women, one of whom appears to be attempting to snag a penis with a hook.”

A local politician said the work was “arbitrarily repainted,” and is quoted as saying, “The authenticity of the fresco seems to have been compromised by a restoration effort that did not respect the original character of the work.” The restorers in question refuse the claim, saying the painting has merely deteriorated over time. One question comes to mind here: how can a painting of a “Tree of Fertility” possibly be any good without some genitalia involved?

Italian Art Experts Accused Of Censoring Phallic Fresco [Telegraph]

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