3 Out Of 4 Sister Wives Kids Probably Won't Be Polygamous


Last night on Sister Wives, Kody Brown informed his oldest kids that he didn’t want them to have “romantic experiences” while they are still in high school. This was before he allowed them to go on a group outing with some kids they’d met at school. Kody also warned his kids that they should not be sexual until they had graduated from high school, and added, “I would prefer you wait until you’re married.” That being said, he let the kids go ice skating and yogurt-eating with their friends.

Later, when asked, only one of the four oldest Brown teens said that she wanted to be in a polygamous marriage when she got older. Aspyn and Mykelti Madison seemed pretty sure they weren’t interested — Mykelti Madison noted that while she loved growing up in a large family, she wouldn’t want one for herself; Aspyn said she wasn’t into the polygamous lifestyle because she didn’t want to deal with “jealousy.” Logan said he wasn’t sure, and wasn’t really thinking about it, but it seemed like that was a “no.”Imagine that! A teenage boy with the chance to marry — and, uh support — multiple women is less than enthused. Only Mariah said she would “definitely” be into plural marriage, and that she “couldn’t wait” to have sister wives.

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