5 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week’s (abbreviated holiday edition) compilation of pop culture crap, Snooki and Jeff Bridges form an unlikely friendship, Adele had second-hand embarrassment during Lady Gaga’s VMA performance, and Kate Gosselin gets her dead presidents mixed up.

1.) Snooki and Jeff Bridges.
On The Tonight Show, she taught him the meaning of DTF and then he graciously wore her signature sunglasses.

2.) Adelle watching Lady Gaga at the VMAs.
Actually, no one in that audience looks entertained. Katie Holmes—the woman who’s famously in a sham marriage—can’t even fake it.

3.) Kate Gosselin doesn’t like to be corrected.
Even when she’s wrong about facts on an educational excursion.

4.) Shannen Doherty’s mouth.
When did she get a Madonna-esque space in her two front teeth?

5.) Heidi Montag doesn’t operate her Twitter account.
So someone actually gets paid to tweet that she loves reading!?

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