Fare Thee Well? Michele Bachmann Suddenly in Danger of Losing Her Reelection Bid


After unseating herself from the cool Republicans’ table earlier this month with accusations that Huma Abedin knew someone who knew someone who was friends with a guy who once heard that someone he sat next to at an Applebee’s was involved with the Muslim Brotherhood, Michele Bachmann might very well lose her congressional seat in Minnesota to Democratic challenger Jim Graves. Bachmann’s lead, according to Salon, has shriveled to a mere two points, putting the former presidential candidate in serious jeopardy of losing despite her ample campaign funds and large national fanbase.

Before we tip-toe too far ahead of ourselves on along the tightrope of political polling, the poll was conducted on the internet by Democratic pollsters at the insistence of Graves’ campaign. Nevertheless, it revealed some startling, if not altogether unpredictable given Bachmann’s summer of tragic press quippings, reversals: Independent voters have started to turn on Bachmann over the last two months by about 20 points, from a four percent advantage to a negative 15-point disadvantage. Bachmann, who leads Graves 48-46, is viewed negatively overall, with 57 percent of respondents giving her a negative job rating and a eye-catching 35 percent giving her the lowest possible rating — “poor.”

Since it’s not being menaced by a third party, the Graves campaign thinks it has a pretty decent chance to beat Bachmann, whose campaign hasn’t released its own surveys. Salon’s Alex Seitz-Wald speculates that the Bachmann campaign’s silence could be a tip-off to the trouble she’s in. The congresswoman shouldn’t feel too bad, though — Fox News is probably warming her a mug of cocoa and making a new set for the show she’ll host with her husband: M & M’s Political Pottery, a show that forces each of its bewildered guests to make pottery while simultaneously offering serious political commentary.

Poll: Bachmann in danger [Salon]

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