Sharing a Bed With Someone Else May or May Not Lead to Conflict


The folks at British hotel chain Premier Inn released a very scientific (read: not at all scientific) study claiming that one in 10 couples argue about what side of the bed to sleep on. AND THAT THIS CONFLICT ENDS ONE IN TWO OF THOSE RELATIONSHIPS. Jkjk, it doesn’t mean shit.

According to that rag the Daily Mail so take it with huge-ass grain of salt – couples have other unusual bed sleeping habits, too:

Researchers for Premier Inn questioned 2,000 adults and found that 80 per cent have slept on the same side since their relationship started.
But 22 per cent said they slept on a different side with their ex-partner.
Around one in 20 men are not happy with the side they sleep on.

HOLY SHIT, one in 20 men don’t like what side of the bed they’re sleeping on!? Say it ain’t so!!

I’m really only interested in this because I stayed at Premier Inn when I was visiting my boyfriend’s sister in Aylesbury (home of the Paralympics and many haunted pubs!) and I really loved that place because it was totally the hotel that Marie from Breaking Bad built, everything in that fucker was purple! I was just coming down from the mid-season finale of the show so it was super meaningful to me.

Therefore, everything these Premier people say is true, one in 20 men is miserable in their relationship via side-of-bed issues! Also, these are the same people who found that folks who sleep on the left side of the bed are happier in general. So, ditch the Zoloft and forget about leaving the house, all you have to do is get up on the right left side of the bed and it’s alllll good.

Laura Beck

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