Candidate Might Not Win Race Because Wife Didn't Vote


Walton City Council candidate Robert McDonald learned the value of democracy the hard and very literal way: when he tied with another candidate for election because his wife didn’t vote.


Each candidate captured 669 votes, but one ballot McDonald is sure would have gone his way was never cast. His wife, Katie, who works nights as a patient care assistant at Christ Hospital and is finishing nurse’s training at Gateway Community and Technical College, didn’t make it to the polls yesterday.
“If she had just been able to get in to vote, we wouldn’t be going through any of this,” McDonald said. “You never think it will come down to one vote, but I’m here to tell you that it does.”

IT DOES. They should teach this story in elementary school to underscore the importance of voting. And perhaps in couple’s counseling sessions — where, incidentally, the McDonalds will likely end up if Bobby loses the coin toss that will now decide the election.

Kidding, kind of. How is Katie doing, by the way?

“She feels bad enough,” McDonald said. “She worked extra hours, goes to school and we have three kids, so I don’t blame her. She woke up about ten minutes before the polls closed and asked if she should run up, but I told her I didn’t think one vote would matter.”

Famous last words.

Image via Lisa S./Shutterstock.

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