65-Year-Old Grandma Who Was Pregnant With Quadruplets Has Given Birth


Break out the bubblegum cigars. Annegret Raunigk, the 65-year-old grandma who was pregnant with quadruplets, has recently given birth to the babies in a Berlin hospital. The children—three boys and one girl—were born prematurely at 26 weeks, but are expected to survive.

The German teacher, who already has 13 children and seven grandchildren, used IVF for her latest pregnancy. She traveled to the Ukraine to receive multiple procedures for the artificial insemination process. Raunigk decided to try for another child after her nine-year-old daughter expressed desire to have a younger sibling, reports The Guardian. Hope that kid is happy with an extra three baby siblings! Raunigk’s oldest daughter is 44.

“Not all were planned. But then things happen. I’m not a planner but rather spontaneous. And children keep me young,” Raunigk told reporters a decade ago when she first made headlines during the birth of her 13th child, the one who I assume has the psychic powers. She has named the newest daughter Neeta, and her three sons Dries, Bence and Fjonn. European entertainment channel RTL owns the exclusive rights to Raunigk’s story. No word on when the previously reported documentary on Raunigk’s pregnancy tale will be released.

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