A Chicago Restaurant/Dream Factory is Selling a Wonut

In Depth

There’s a restaurant in Chicago selling a “wonut” — a blessed, glorious union of waffle and donut — and we can all just die happy now, because LOOK AT THAT FUCKING PICTURE. Humanity is never topping this.

The wonut comes to us courtesy of all that is right and good in the universe, and more directly, courtesy of Chicago’s Waffles Cafe. Apparently, wonuts are deep-fried in vegetable shortening because the word “vegetable” makes it healthy, then dipped in sugar, marshmallow, maple, or chocolate glazes and topped with pretty much any of the regular toppings you see on pedestrian donuts. There’s also apparently a whole wheat variety (WHY), and some utter, incomparable genius decided to make red velvet and green tea versions, because sometimes, life is beautiful and we can all ride to Flavortopia on a magic carpet made of unicorn farts.

We already knew waffles were inestimably and in every conceivable way superior to pancakes — this just proves it further. It’s science facts, and you can’t argue with science facts; that’s why this concoction looks delicious with waffles, but it would look like a stretched-out hobo sock if you tried to do it with pancakes. I know I’ve said a lot of mean things about you in the past, Chicago, but man, you’re really making up for it with this. I take it all back. I’m even willing to give deep-dish another shot if it means the promise of a wonut afterwards.

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