A Christmas Miracle: Man Loses Wedding Ring in Ocean, Finds It Later


Jay Bradford should probably start investing in lottery tickets, because his luck seems to be of an extraordinary sort. On December 12, he lost his wedding band in the middle of the ocean. On December 16 he returned to look for it — and what do you know? He actually found it.

According to People, Bradford “lost his ring in the middle of the ocean near Long Branch, New Jersey, while searching for blackfish.” Bradford, 27, explains to The Asbury Park Press, “My hand hit the bow rail and the ring came off my knuckle. The ring slid off, hit the tow rail and went into the water.”

To add insult to injury, Bradford hadn’t had the ring for very long. He and his wife Meagan Bradford were only married in June 2015. And Meagan was not pleased by this mishap.

“I nearly threw up,” she told The Asbury Park Press. “I wasn’t worried about the cost of the ring I was more concerned with what it meant and what it symbolized.”

But if there is any romantic symbolism to be read into this story, it’s surely positive. People reports that “Bradford returned to the waters on December 16 with boat captain Nick Barsa and diver Mark Thompson, using GPS tracking to return to the exact spot.”

They searched high and low for roughly ten minutes before finding the ring on a rock.

Meagan Bradford now refers to Barsa as “Captain St. Nicholas” in light of the “Christmas miracle” he performed with her husband. I still say it doesn’t hurt to buy a few lottery tickets too.

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