A Drinker's Guide To Fashion's Night Out


Anna Wintour will tell you, Fashion’s Night Out tonight isn’t about sales. Or about trying to catch a glimpse of an Olsen, or even mini-manicures or astrological readings. You know the score: it’s all about getting sozzled on Fashion’s dime.

Virtually all of stores that are participating in this year’s Fashion’s Night Out will be offering, ahem, refreshing incentives to spend when tonight’s festivities get underway. But we’ve culled this list to highlight only those establishments that, in our opinion, are willing to go the extra mile. To rise above the dross of predictable ol’ champagne and liquor-sponsored signature cocktails, never to be mixed again, and to provide the huddled masses with something a little more original. Because Fashion’s Night Out is all about priorities — and we rank getting drunk for free above buying some overpriced tchotchke. And because the huddled masses are thirsty.

This is a New York-centric list, but there are literally thousands of stores participating in Fashion’s Night Out in over 100 of the world’s cities. You can curate your own list here. It’s time for fashion to give back. And for you to get drunk.

If you can get into the Balenciaga store in the Meatpacking, you’ll be treated to a live performance by model-turned-singer Karen Elson. (We were lucky enough to catch one of Elson’s shows earlier this year, and can confirm that the talented Brit is not to be missed.) Not only that, but the store will be decked out with the set of six self-portraits that the brand commissioned from one Cindy Sherman. And, duh, there’ll be free drinks. (542 West 22 Street, Manhattan.)

Bergdorf Goodman will be a madhouse tonight — but it’ll be a madhouse with a veneer of class as the retailer promises only to use crystal serving ware. Despite issues with breakages last year, “We will not be using plastic cups,” a spokesperson sniffed to the New York Times. While we could make neither head nor tail of Bergdorf’s strangely worded plan of action (perhaps someone started in on the sauce a little early?), in those crystal cups, expect to find a delicious variety of gratis alcohols. (754 Fifth Ave at 58th Street, Manhattan.)

Either of purveyor-of-expensive-cashmere Brunello Cucinelli‘s two New York locations seems like a great place to get a bit of drinking done. Downtown, grab a slice of Keste Pizzeria‘s delicious product, and a Moretti beer. (Oh yeah, and some dude from “Gossip Girl” will be “bartending.”) Uptown, enjoy an Umbrian theme night with live music and plenty of different dishes courtesy of “Star Umbrian chef Andrea Tiberi.” Umbrian wine will be served, natch. (379 Bleecker Street and 683 Madison Avenue, Manhattan.)

We’re not even sure what refreshments are being served there, but why not stop by Dolce & Gabbana to watch Naomi Campbell do this choreographed dance she’s been practicing? She used to want to be a ballerina when she grew up, you know. (825 Madison Avenue at 69th Street, Manhattan.)

“Free cocktails and snacks courtesy of our neighbors at An Choi Vietnamese Eatery” sounds awfully promising at Occulter by Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons. (83 1/2 Orchard Street btwn Broome and Grand, Manhattan.)

For those of us who would never presume to fuck with a classic, Versace has martinis. (647 Fifth Ave, Manhattan.)

Fashion’s Night Out [Official Site]

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