A Fat-Camp Show That's For Everyone


When we first heard about Huge — the ABC Family show set at a fat camp — we were intrigued. Camp! Non-skinny actresses getting work! Body image issues! Now, in a new interview, star Nikki Blonsky keeps us interested:

Blonsky plays a girl named Will, who goes “against the grain in every possible way.” She has blue hair and wears boys’ clothes. She tells TV Fanatic: “I couldn’t be more thrilled that the main characters are all plus-sized. It’s ground-breaking in that way. I think kids will be able to relate because they can finally say about someone on television: that person looks like me.”

One of the best parts about the trailer is when Blonsky’s character says, “Everyone wants us to hate our bodies. Well, I refuse to.” With all the “bikini body” diets in magazines, Dance Your Ass off and Biggest Loser-type programs, it’s downright amazing to hear a TV character preach body acceptance. Still, Blonksy hopes the target audience isn’t just young women struggling with their weight:

It’s a show for everybody. No one in this world can say they have never had a body issue. The series also deals with other life challenges, such as eating disorders and sexual orientation. There’s something for everyone.

Also, you gotta love this: Blonsky says, “In the first episode, instead of giving in to her parents when they tell her to put on a bathing suit, [my character] does a full-on striptease.”

Nikki Blonsky Talks To TV Fanatic About New ABC Family Show [TV Fanatic]
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