A Few Fly Oscars Red Carpet Looks of Yore to Inspire Us to Get the Hell Out of Our Sweatpants

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Photo: Mark Mainz (Getty Images)

All year I have been waiting for a good red carpet to shake me out of my sweatshirt and “lounge pants” statement ensemble, and this Sunday, it seems the Oscars will present some semblance of fulfillment for this desperate yearning. Even if it’s like six people and my dreaded son Giuliana Rancic mewling over performances she clearly has not seen, I will take basically anything I can get. Spring is encroaching in New York and the other day I saw people actually wearing obviously designer clothes on the street, which means, for me at least, that it’s time to get back into the human outfit game, or at least attempt to put on some pants with a button. For inspo, and in anticipation of Jezebel’s Oscars red carpet coverage this Sunday, I have taken a peek back at some unexpected looks from Oscars past. Plus, stars are getting more into vintage couture for these types of events, so maybe we’ll get a chance to see how the nominees recycle. Every day is Earth day, my friends.

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