A Guide to Bella Thorne's Recent Transformation Into Messy Makeup Mogul


Somewhere, in the windowless filming rooms of their respective Calabasas mansions, beauty YouTubers Jeffree Starr and James Charles breathe simultaneous sighs of relief that some other messy bitch is distracting attention away from their “problematic” brands. Bella Thorne, actress/raver/tipi-owner, fumbled her way into the makeup biz last week and it’s already a spectacular disaster sure to make her bank. Basically, Thorne is selling ridiculously expensive, tiny eyeshadow palettes that may or may not rip off a black-owned beauty brand.

What happened?

In March of this year, Bella Thorne launched Filthy Fangs, what appears to be a largely disorganized, scenester multimedia brand offering merchandise such as neon track pants, $12 cotton thongs emboldened with the word “filthy” on the crotch, t-shirt collaborations with controversial YouTube personalities and $5 Bic lighters. In April, Thorne announced that FF would launch a record label component, which has since blessed us with such memorable bangers as “Bitch, I’m Bella Thorne” and “Pussy Mine.” As of at least July 14, the brand has ventured into the makeup industry, when Thorne teased an upcoming “pallet” with this Instagram:

Fast forward to August and two eyeshadow palettes—the $50 “Ocean Drive” and $60 “South Beach”—hit the market, each with only nine shades. (Comparatively, Kylie Cosmetics 14-color eyeshadow palettes retail for $44 and Rihanna’s Fenty 16-color palettes are $59.) Thorne took an Instagram video of the latter set, announcing that both “sold out in a day.”

Both are currently online and available for purchase.

What’s the big deal?

Other than boasting an exploitatively expensive price tag, savvy social media users opined that the palettes looked like a much more affordable offering ($20!!!) by Juvia’s Place. And they are… not wrong:

Example A, Juvia’s Place:

Example B, Bella’s Shit:

Bella, who totally understood what was going on, responded on Twitter by writing “I betu we have the same manufacturer.im suppose to look up every pallet ever made?” and “Can’t women support women 🙁 sad.”

🙁 sad.

A representative from Juvia’s Place shared the following statement with the Hollywood Reporter in response to the controversy:

“We have no connection with [Thorne’s brand Filthy Fangs]. We are not affiliated with them. Yes we are aware of the painful and awkward similarities. It’s obvious they have done little to no research or they have bluntly stolen our concept which is unacceptable. We believe in originality and the brand you have mentioned lacks that. We have chosen to be light hearted about the situation, after all makeup is supposed to be fun!!”

What’s next?

Because there’s nothing more thrilling than makeup drama, probably a million YouTube tutorials of people shitting on Thorne’s product.

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