A Mustache Can Be Unbearably Hot. It Can Also Be Appalling.

Let these famous men demonstrate the difference between going back in time to '70s disco, and going back in time to 1940s fascism.


Miles Teller as Rooster in “Top Gun: Maverick” — 69/10

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Miles Teller as Rooster in “Top Gun: Maverick” — 69/10
Photo: Paramount/Everett Collection

What can I say?? It’s literally just... a work of art worthy of the Louvre. Impeccable in length and girth, neatly groomed, with a playful mid-part. And, as Collins emphasized, like RDJ’s ‘stache as Iron Man, Teller’s has a charming everyday quality to it: “For guys, he doesn’t feel too polished, he’s not like a nepotism baby. They see him pulling it off and think, ‘I can do that!’”

Before donning the above mustache for Top Gun: Maverick, and consequently stealing the show and rendering Tom Cruise irrelevant, Teller was just another YA heartthrob, a mid-2010s Jacob Elordi if you will. Now he’s the face of a movement—and a very sexy face at that.

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