A Play About Hillary Clinton Opens on Broadway This Month

A Play About Hillary Clinton Opens on Broadway This Month
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I have no interest in reliving a single past election until this upcoming interminable 2020 nightmare ends. But if for some reason you’d like to make a return visit to the 2008 primaries, a Hillary Clinton play officially opens on Broadway this month.

The Broadway debut of the Lucas Hnath-helmed production, Hillary and Clinton, was first announced last October. The play was first staged in 2016 in Chicago, and spurred several productions elsewhere in the country, but now it is 2019, and things have changed.

Per Page Six, the play takes place one 2008 evening in New Hampshire, in which then-candidate Hillary Clinton (played by Laurie Metcalf) calls upon husband Bill Clinton (John Lithgow) for help. Barack Obama and Mark Penn also reportedly make appearances. (Note that Hillary and Clinton should not be confused for satirical 2012 musical Clinton: the Musical, or for Soft Power, another musical, this one from 2017, that features Clinton. Clinton is quite the muse.)

Again, I would rather get bees in my eyeballs than voluntarily think about non-Veep elections, but it appears members of the general public do not share my sentiment, as Page Six reports that at least opening night is Standing Room Only, claiming that “HRC might even have trouble nailing a seat.” That latter point is probably not true, but if you would like to try your own luck, you can buy tickets on Telecharge. The play opens on April 18.

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