A Roundtable Discussion By This Year's Potentially Emmy-Nominated Comedic Actresses


As per tradition, The Hollywood Reporter gathered a slew of the ladies nominated for a Best Comedic Actress Emmy for a discussion of their collective career paths. This year, the women of choice were Amy Poehler, Lea Michele, Julie Bowen, Jenna Fischer, Kaley Cuoco and Teri Hatcher.

Each of the women are asked to recall their start in the business, and while Julie Bowen could only think of her career-starting role in Happy Gilmore as the movie she had terrible hair in, Teri Hatcher revealed that it took her “all the way until Lois & Clark — which is a lot of movies and pilots and stuff like that — to stop thinking I should have a waitressing job on the side.” Conversely, Amy Poehler made an easy transition from sketch comedy to TV, while Lea Michelle didn’t have too much to say about the matter since she got her start as a child on Broadway forever and ever and ever ago.

When the ladies were asked about their pre-acting gigs, Kaley Cuoco (with Ke$ha-style feathers in her hair) admitted she’s never had a job other than acting. The Office‘s Jenna Fischer, however, won the “weirdest job” title when she revealed past jobs a telephone psychic and her three-year gig as the sole girl at a car wash in Missouri.

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