A Short And Sweet Introduction


Hello, Jezebel readers! It is I, That Annoying Girl With The Blog, and I will be guest-blogging here for a week.

I’m really pumped about being here and hope you are, too. If not, I was going to unleash my inner Little League coach and give a scary pep talk, but upon second thought was convinced a more basic introduction would be less creepy. So to keep it nice n’ simple:

Things I like: the Internet, creative book shelves, and using a lot of parentheses. Things I don’t like: the Internet, gum-chewing restrictions in the classroom, and things that depress me. Things that depress me: Judd Apatow movies and unsuccessful musicians wearing fedoras. Things I get too much of: candy and soda. And I do mean CANDY AND SODA. So if you go to the Jezebel homepage and come upon a post that is a lot of senseless babbling and exclamation points and unnecessary capital letters, much like a YouTube comment, or a Courtney Love tweet, or a YouTube comment about Courtney Love, do not be alarmed. And oh, I like run-on sentences. Did I mention run-on sentences?

And the thing that fits all of the above — that I like and don’t like and which depresses me and that I get too much of — is fashion. It’s the primary subject of my blog and I’ll write about it a bit here, too, along with the regular Jezebel stuff, and stuff like the Miss Universe pageant, and Hugh Hefner, and middle school. But not at the same time, because an event involving all three would truly be the Apocalypse. And so, enjoy! Maybe? Thank you for your time.

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