Aaron Sorkin Says Nora Ephron Was a Fan of The Newsroom, As HBO Gives It a Second Season


When it comes to his characters, Aaron Sorkin is best known for creating a collection great white males—and he doesn’t seem to be the biggest supporter of ladies in general. That is what makes it all the more unusual, then, that Nora Ephron, who was both great at writing women and championing them in real life, appears to have been a big Sorkin fan. During his appearance on CBS This Morning, Sorkin was asked by Charlie Rose to talk about Ephron, and naturally, he spoke about her as it related to himself:

I knew Nora personally and a nicer, more generous woman, you’re not likely to meet. She was always very kind to me. She was one of the people who very early — people who read The Newsroom pilot — and (she) called HBO and said, “You have to do this.”

Huh. Well, it appears that Ephron was more generous than we ever could have thought. And HBO listened to her—in fact, they listened so well that they’ve just announced that The Newsroom has already been renewed for a second season. Maybe this is an opportunity for Sorkin to pay tribute to his pal Nora in season two by writing at least one female character who is smart, capable, and not totally grating.

Aaron Sorkin: Nora Ephron voiced support for “Newsroom” [CBS]
Second Seasons for ‘The Newsroom’ on HBO and ‘Dallas’ on TNT [New York Times]

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