Accused Butt-Chugger Denies Putting Alcohol Up His Butt, Wants You to Know He Is Not Gay


As first reported via internet freakout last week, a University Tennessee student with alcohol poisoning ended up in the emergency room after, allegedly, a night spent butt chugging. For those of you who have not been following along, butt chugging is basically an alcohol enema; enterprising students supposedly shove a tube up their asses and consume the booze rectally. It gets you totally wasted, obviously, and maybe makes you walk funny the next day.

The student in question, Alex “please don’t Google me” Broughton, vehemently denies any butt chugging and, rather, says that he was participating in Pi Kappa Alpha’s Tour de Franzia, wherein students remove the bag of wine from its box and then hold it up, beer-bong style, for their friends to chug. A different kind of chugging, no butts involved.Also, Broughton’s lawyer, Daniel McGehee, wants you to know that Alex Broughton “is a straight man. And he thinks the idea and concept of butt chugging is repulsive.” (Emphasis ours, because his sexuality and opinion of sticking stuff up his ass are what’s really important here.)

When we previously reported on this butt chugging — butt chugging! Can’t stop saying it! — story, some commenters noted that the butt chugging charges smelled of bullshit (and they are ridiculously extreme) and claim UT authorities have been looking for ways to crack down on Greek drinking. Which is believable because that’s every campus, kinda. Further supporting the anti-butt chugging argument:

McGehee added that the initial witness interviewed by police at the emergency room, John Patrick Carney, has denied ever making any such claims.

Well, you know how Carney is. Says one thing, means another. That kid is ridic. Did you see him at that four-way last weekend? (Just kidding. He could be telling the truth.)

So if Alex Broughton was not butt chugging and this whole thing is a police/media fabrication (and personally, I want it to be real only because I have no plans this weekend and am feeling adventurous), who started the rumor? Which authority was the first to say the words “butt chugging” in connection to this incident? More importantly, who even came up with butt chugging? Because I’d like to shake that person’s hand. Though Alex Broughton probably feels differently.

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