Adele Superfan Donald Trump Cut the Line at Her Concert Last Night 


Normal-looking human man and entirely credible choice as future leader of the free world Donald Trump is apparently, like us all, a fan of Adele. He expressed that fandom in an on-brand fashion Tuesday night, by cutting in front of hundreds of people to get into her show at Radio City Music Hall last night, then really freaking everyone out with his mere presence.

As the Blaze points out— because Adele exists in a place beyond partisan difference — pretty much everyone who saw the singer in concert last night also live-tweeted their Close Trumpcounter. Buzzfeed reporter Matt Bellassai was particularly unimpressed with Trump waltzing ahead of the line, although we will allow that was probably a security consideration:

It’s deeply upsetting to picture Donald Trump enconsced deep inside his walk-in closet, finally alone, mouthing the words to “Hello”in his full-length mirror, presumably wearing but a Trump-brand silk tie and graying boxer briefs. And yet, he is evidently a fan of some kind, with “Skyfall” reportedy playing at many of his rallies:

Anyway, everyone reacted to Trump’s being there about how you’d expect:

The more pressing question, of course, is whether Adele is a fan of Donald Trump, as well as what adjectives, if any, she might use to describe him.

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Trump demonstrating his interpretive dance movies, I assume, November 12, 2015 at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Photo via AP Images

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