Ain't That America: Watch Baby Bald Eagles Spread Their Wings and Fly (Read: Be Very Adorable)


It’s the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, a 24/7 live video stream of an active pair of bald eagles and their two little eaglets! Eaglets is the best word, it perfectly describes what eaglets are. Ugh, I love you, little eaglets.

The camera is also completely non-invasive to the eagles or their habitat, so we can watch one hundred percent guilt free:

To preserve the natural habitat of the eagles, the camera is positioned six feet above the nest and is attached to a tree limb, and uses no screws or nails. The camera is noiseless and the night vision feature is an infrared light which emits no actual light. The nation’s birds do not see or hear anything coming from the camera.

Now let’s stare and stare and miss work tomorrow because we’re still staring. Isn’t nature the best? I think the only thing that’s better than nature is TV.

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