All But Two Sexual Assault Charges Against Jian Ghomeshi Headed to Trial


Disgraced Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi is heading to trial on five sexual assault charges. The prosecution announced Tuesday that they’re dropping another two charges against him because they believe there is “no reasonable prospect of conviction,” according to several reports.

Ghomeshi was accused of a Cosby-esque flotilla of sexual abuse allegations by two investigative journalists, Kevin Donovan and Jesse Brown (now involved in their own argument about Donovan’s upcoming book on Ghomeshi’s case). Reporters at a preliminary hearing today said that the Crown has elected to drop two charges, take the first four to trial around February 2016, and the last in June 2016.

As for why one of the charges is going to trial separately:

Ghomeshi’s attorney said he will plead not guilty on all counts.

Image via AP

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