All the Legendary Music on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born Soundtrack, Ranked


The soundtrack for A Star Is Born—which will almost certainly be the greatest movie of all time based on the press cycle alone—is officially available for pre-order. The track list is marvelous and a fun preview of what to expect from this Bradley Cooper-directed remake where he stars as Jackson Maine, a country singer who tries to make Lady Gaga (Ally) a star.

All signs point to A Star Is Born being either 100 percent perfect or fully atrocious. One thing’s for certain: there will be music in it. Gaga talked about teaching Cooper how do to be musical in an LA Times interview published on Thursday:

Gaga also helped inform Cooper’s performance as a musician. She wrote a handful of songs for the movie’s soundtrack and sat with the actor in the studio, answering his questions about the logistics of what goes on backstage during a big concert. She was also candid about her personal experience with drugs, sharing how readily available substances were to her after she became famous.

Some of these songs will probably sound good. All of them are legendary nonetheless, with titles like “Hair Body Face” and “Why Did You Do That?” The 34-track soundtrack will be released October 5, along with the movie, so no I have not heard it, but I have an inkling for these things. Here’s a premature ranking of each track, in order from least to most legendary.

34. “Intro”

33. “I’ll Never Love Again (Film Version)”

32. “I’ll Never Love Again (Extended Version)” – Lady Gaga

31. “La Vie en rose” – Lady Gaga

30. “Black Eyes” – Bradley Cooper

29. “Trust Me” – Cast

28. “I’ll Wait for You (Dialogue)” – Cast

27. “Maybe It’s Time” – Bradley Cooper

26. “Parking Lot (Dialogue)” – Cast

25. “Out of Time” – Bradley Cooper

24. “Twelve Notes (Dialogue)” – Cast

23. “Shallow”

22. “Vows (Dialogue)” – Cast

21. “Diggin’ My Grave”

20. “Alibi” – Bradley Cooper

19. “I Love You (Dialogue)” – Cast

18. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Dialogue)” – Cast

17. “Always Remember Us This Way” – Lady Gaga

16. “Unbelievable (Dialogue)” – Cast

15. “How Do You Hear It?” (Dialogue) – Cast

14. “Before I Cry” – Lady Gaga

13. “Memphis (Dialogue)” – Cast

12. “Heal Me” – Lady Gaga

11. “I Don’t Know What Love Is”

10. “First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue)” – Cast

9. “SNL (Dialogue)” – Cast

8. “Scene 98″ – Cast

7. “Fabulous French (Dialogue)” – Cast

6. “Look What I Found” – Lady Gaga

5. “Too Far Gone” – Bradley Cooper

4. “Is That Alright?” – Lady Gaga

3. “Why Did You Do That?” – Lady Gaga

2. “Hair Body Face” – Lady Gaga

1. “Music to My Eyes”

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